Navigation Lights

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Navigational Lights

These Lights are used to help other vessels see your boat, and they can be made out of any kind of light-emitting material. Many boaters use LED lights, but there’s nothing wrong with using an old flashlight!  

Navigational Lights are necessary when operating a vessel on the water during the night or when visibility is poor, whether at anchor or in motion. That type of light ensures that others see you on the water, which is very important for both safeties.

Suppose you are paddleboarding, rowing, sailing or motorcycling on a lake, river or offshore. In that case, you want to make sure you can be seen with a navigational light so that you can be recognized by others from far on the water.

Other Uses

  • Warning Lights

The first use of portable lights on your boat is to have them as an emergency backup, whether that’s in the case of a power outage or a broken light. Portable inflatable lights can help you see even when there isn’t any other lighting available. Many come with built-in flashlights and batteries, so they are easy to transport and store until needed.