Inflatable Boats with Motor

Inflatable boats with motors are an excellent means of transport for avid fishermen and adventurers. We offer roll-up models, which are easy to assemble and transport - they come with a bag that fits in most of the trunks.


Choosing Inflatable Boat with Motor

When choosing an inflatable raft with an outboard motor, you should pay attention to the boat's size, design, and engine. The boat size depends on the load of the vessel. The bigger boat requires more significant engines. Suppose you prefer to travel with your family, fish with your friends, or carry a lot of additional equipment. In that case, you should choose the bigger inflatable craft with more powerful engines installed. 

Outboard Motors

All our motors have the ideal power-to-weight ratio and are available in a wide selection of HP. Choosing motors from our Crabzz store, you can easily select the right one, either trolling motor or gas, honouring all your requirements. These engines are straightforward to install and remove but require strict adherence to the instruction. If you love boating and are looking for a reliable, high-performance inflatable fishing boat with a motor mount for spending your weekend with pleasure, choose the boat of your dreams in our store and start exploring the horizons!

Inflatable Fishing Boats with Motor

The boats come in a variety of sizes, body shape models, fabric types and motor horsepower ratings. They can be built with Hypalon (Polyurethane) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), soft-folding bottoms or rigid inflatable boats. Depending on your fishing goals, including speed, comfort, assembly time, boat weight, price, heat resistance, lifetime warranty, optional equipment, you may find the fishing boat that’s perfect for you.