At Crabzz we are proud to offer affordable, professional, high quality line of Aqua Marina Canada inflatable stand up paddle boards (iSUP) with a wide range of choices and styles. Aqua Marina Canada has a full line of inflatable stand up paddle boards for use in a variety of water sports disciplines. 

Some of our most popular stand up paddle boards include the Fusion SUP, Fusion SUP, Beast SUP, Breeze, Vibrant, Dhyana fitness SUP, Mega SUP for group fun and many other models offering something for everyone. Our wide range of stand up paddle boards are designed to meet the performance needs for both beginners and avid stand up paddle board riders in a range of today's most popular water sport disciplines.

Our stand up paddle boards are lightweight, durable, easy to use and combine the latest technologies, high-performance materials with 100% dedication allow all levels of riders to reach and even surpass their maximum SUP potential.