Explore the benefits of Electricat - lightweight, stylish and efficient inflatable solar catamaran boats, created for the tranquility of Canadian rivers and lakes.

What Is An Electricat?

This solar-powered electric catamaran is the ultimate inflatable boat for your family & friends to experience. Electricat 450 requires no extra storage space and easily fits into a car trunk. Being a lightweight electric watercraft, it offers lots of space and is extraordinary efficient, compared to other inflatable boat of this category. The roof lets you enjoy a great view and has plenty of space to use. With optional blinds, however, its roof and transparent windows cast great shade and protect against harsh sun or bad weather. Utilizing a wireless, renewable solar sailing capacity is easy with Electricat - just install solar panels on the roof and get going!

Electricat:An Eye-Catcher Packed with Features

Propelled by a 1 kW outboard motor, Electricat models reach a maximum speed of 4-6 knots or 7-10 km/h. The promised solar speed is 3 knots, 5 km/h, perfect for day-long itineraries of 50 km and more. Key technical characteristics of Electricat, like length of hull, draft, and number of inflatable tube compartments make these watercrafts safe and maneuverable at all times. Being a certified inflatable watercraft, Electricat runs on solar power and any motor up to 10HP.

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