TEMO Electric Outboard Motors | Crabzz

Reliable, multi-purpose and lightweight, TEMO propulsion solutions care about both boaters and the environment.

Forget about all the fuss surrounding the traditional approach to boat propulsion – heavy to transport and hard to store engines, requiring a whole lot of physical effort.

TEMO offers a selection of portable, easy-to-install electric motors for various types of small watercraft: dinghies, sailing boats and rowing boats.

Compactness and Portability

With its light weight and unique design combining motor, battery and control unit, TEMO electric motor is easy to handle and install on your boat with little effort. Its ultra-compact design makes it quick and comfortable to pack and bring anywhere.

Whether you're in your car or on the boat, you can take it with you in its protective carrying case trouble-free.

Improved Ergonomics

Safe and multi-functional, TEMO outboards have been designed to suit all uses thanks to their portable size and adjustable position, guaranteeing your comfort and full control in all situations.

With a simple design that showcases its top-tier technicality, TEMO covers essential boating needs and allows you to maneuver effortlessly while enjoying your water dinghy trips.

Powerful, Practical and Autonomous

With their powerful motors and enhanced efficiency, TEMO brings you clean and carbon-free propulsive power.

Practical interchangeable battery system lets you perform all your day-to-day sails and get ashore or out to your boat with ease. Thanks to its removable battery system and its waterproof automatic connectors, switching batteries is a matter of seconds.

Easy Installation

Forget about time-consuming mounting - TEMO is installed effortlessly on your boat momentarily. TEMO outboard can be used on many boat types and in all waters, even the most shallow.

Extremely robust, TEMO products propel sailing boats and dinghies with two and more people on board while maintaining a stable cruising speed.

Made in France

Along with being an environmentally friendly solution with zero direct emissions, the TEMO outboards are made in France. Powered by the know-how of the very best local partners and industry, TEMO outboards are manufactured with attention to quality and commitment to your safety.