Pontoons & Catamarans


Boats, catamarans and kayaks are made from only high-quality materials: durable Made in Germany PVC fabrics, water-repellent plywood and reliable aluminum. All Crabzz models are connected by a unique, patented catamaran frame and numerous successful design advancements.

The design team developed new models by analyzing the pros and cons of different kinds of boats. Famous rowers, kayakers, fishermen, hunters, and travellers helped create revolutionary inflatable boats, catamarans, and kayaks. The team's hard work resulted in a uniquely designed catamaran-style boat that embodied the best hydrodynamic solutions and latest technologies.

The Crabzz lineup features models in a variety of sizes and styles, from a compact kayak to a high-tech catamaran designed for a big group.

All Crabzz models feature well-thought-out design solutions:

1. Inflatable cylinders. They have a streamlined, hydrodynamic shape that creates minimal resistance to water. To increase reliability, the cylinders in kayaks are divided into hermetic compartments and are further protected against punctures. On catamarans, the cylinders come outfitted with steps and directional stabilizers.

2. Bottom. Its depth is above the middle of the tank, so even at max capacity, the bottom of a catamaran, pontoon or kayak does not reach the water level. This allows the boat to glide freely through the water, not only along lakes and seas but also on fast mountain rivers and vegetated swamps.

3. Rigid construction. Frames attached to the hull and level flooring provide the required durability. Simple design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble, even on your own.

4. Roomy locker. It is well protected from moisture and is located at the front of each model. The optimal size of the locker allows you to place all the necessary equipment in it.

5. Spoilers made of PVC fabric. They allow you to adjust the buoyancy of the stern and level the inflatable boat even at high speeds.

6. Personal armchairs. A comfortable addition for long trips, fishing or hunting.

Crabzz pontoons, catamarans, and kayaks glide effortlessly on the water, driven by just a pair of oars. Even the seven-metre long Travel model can reach speeds of up to 7 km/hour. Moreover, powered by a motor with a power of only 5 horsepower, they accelerate to 20 km/hour. Low-powered engines use far less fuel, so our models are extremely cost-effective.


Here are the top pros and cons of every model in the Crabzz lineup:

1. Lightweight and small size when folded, any model will fit in the trunk of a car.

2. Simplicity of design, easy and quick assembly without assistance.

3. Stability on waves, which means absolute safety.

4. Good cross-country ability due to the catamaran hull structure.

5. Comfort: flat flooring, comfortable chairs.

6. Good "germination" on the wave.

7. Steady movement strictly on the course.

8. Ease of movement even with low-power engines or paddles.

9. Profitability.

10. Wide range of options and accessories.

The choice of any of the Crabzz models opens up excellent opportunities for recreation and entertainment: fishing, hunting, multi-day rafting and just a family vacation. No other swimming facility offers so many options for a pleasant pastime.

Any purchase in the store, whether it be sports kayaks, stable catamarans or comfortable boats, will only bring joy and satisfaction with the result. A wide range of additional equipment, including tents, inflatable platforms, and armchairs, will allow you to equip any model to your liking.

For any question of interest, the company's managers will give a detailed, comprehensive answer. Boats, catamarans and kayaks from the Crabzz company combine reliability, high driving performance and comfort!