Gadget Holders

A wide variety of accessories for inflatable boats, motors, and fishing is available at Crabzz. Picking the right accessories is as important as selecting a suitable outboard motor. With just a few minor add-ons, you could significantly boost your experience on the water, make your trips way more comfortable, organize your gear and reduce the stress involved with assembly, transportation and organization.

Gadget Holders for Inflatable Boats

You might need to carry various gadgets while boating activities like fishing or water skiing. All these gadgets require proper storage and must be kept in secured places during boating activity to not move out of their set positions and get lost in the water. 

It is essential to keep all the devices in place and safe from getting lost or damaging other objects inside the boat, which might hit it and cause harm to the device or make it fall out of its place. Gadget holders will ensure that when you get out of your boat and jump in to go swimming or climb into a dinghy on shore, your valuables don’t disappear along with it. The best thing about them is they are cheap and very durable and don’t rely on adhesive or anything like that, which can wear off over time.


Gadget holders are perfect for holding smartphones, cameras or navigation lights. These holders provide users with hands-free filming. In addition, they free up valuable storage space on your inflatable boat or kayak. It is perfect for video equipment, smartphone or GPS devices.Gadget Holders for Inflatable Boats and