Accessories For Recreation

A wide variety of accessories for inflatable boats, motors, and fishing is available at Crabzz. Picking the right accessories is as important as selecting a suitable outboard motor. With just a few minor add-ons, you could significantly boost your experience on the water, make your trips way more comfortable, organize your gear and reduce the stress involved with assembly, transportation and organization.

Accessories for Your Next Vacation

If you love boating, then chances are you’ve been looking forward to the warm weather and plenty of boating opportunities that spring and summer will bring. When it comes to boating activities, floating in the water is only half the fun. Once you’re out on the water, it’s time to make sure that you have everything you need onboard to enjoy your time on the water to its fullest potential. 

We’ve included in our catalogue some goods that can make your outdoor activities way more fun, and here they are.

Boat Tables

When you are going to spend your entire day on a boat, you might as well be comfortable. Depending on the size of the vessel you have, it might be challenging to find room for a standard table. The best solution is a portable foldable table made for small boats. They are durable plastic and can fit in any cupboard or below deck storage area when not in use.

Cup Holders

After all, you’re not just at sea - you’re on a boat. And just because you don’t have to worry about spilling your coffee doesn’t mean it isn’t nice to have a place to put it. Adding cup holders and other specialty holders will allow your guests to take advantage of their time onboard without having to keep reaching for cups or balancing them precariously between their knees.


You probably don’t have a cabinet full of cups on an inflatable boat. Inflatable boats generally come with one cup, but what if you bring guests along? Instead of bringing around a cooler that may take up precious space on your inflatable boat, simply bring along additional cups to accommodate those extra people. Ours, you can merely attach by the rope that allows you to conveniently connect them to your boat without worrying about losing or damaging them.

Make Your Trip Comfortable

If you’re using an inflatable boat as your transportation, don’t get caught out at sea without any accessories. Fortunately, there are a variety of add-ons that can make your trip more convenient!