Inflatable Rowing Boats

The difference between an inflatable rowboat and motorboats is that instead of engine power, you use oars to move forward. They are lighter and have a lower waterline, allowing the boat to travel through shallow water.

Rowing is good for keeping you healthy and adventurous. Inflatable rowing boats are suitable for spending time outdoors, doing sports or investigating local waters. You can go fishing with relatives of friends, exercise yourself in rowing, observe beautiful views from a river.

Rowing inflatable boats are very comfortable to prepare, light in weight, fast to assemble and simple to maintain. You can easily take them with you on a trip in the trunk. Rowboats are available in various sizes and body designs, making them suitable for most water activities.

Rowing Boat Models

Our models' weight range from 40 to 160 pounds and are 7.5 to 12.8 feet long, has at least one seat and can fit one person or up to multiple rowers. The assembly takes up to 60 minutes (depends on the model can be less) and requires a couple of simple steps. Some inflatable rowboats use heat welding technology (gluing seems with the heating method), making the boats more solid and reliable. They can withstand bad weather, different types of water or sharp obstacles.

If you are looking for a reliable, practical, and comfortable boat - You will find the best for you here. We also have custom accessories, five colours and four boat camouflage patterns currently available.