Rim Drive Electric Outboard Motors

Aspiring to be the front-runners for on-water electric mobility, Rim Drive Technology develops and manufactures electric motors from 0,5 to 30kW for leisure and commercial use. Lightweight, high efficiency and compatibility with other brands are the trademarks of our motors.

Rim Drive Electric Outboards

Rim drive motors show high efficiency and an immediate acceleration response for the smoothest maneuverability. As for propulsion engines, we offer outboard, POD or rotary pod engines.

Engines Designed To Last

Reducing the installation and service costs for our clients was the central goal of the design process. Having just one rotating part saves up your maintenance costs considerably. RIM Drive also made the motors fully water-lubricated with no wearing parts whatsoever.

Features For Your Best Experience

Since no oils are required to operate them, our motors are safer for marine life. Individual programming feature allows our motors to be custom-made for your application. All our motors are classified by an IP68 rating.

Rim Drive Technology offers the total solution for every client: from electric motor to battery, from charger to throttle control. All systems include an on-board display to show real-time speed and input power. Battery status and remaining range can be displayed too. We strive for maximum efficiency and better performance of the entire system.

Our Model Range

Our motors are available in the following versions: 0.5kW, 3.0kW, 5.0kW, 11.0kW, 15.0kW, 25.0kW and 30.0kW.

Bow thruster 5.0

All our motors are made for steady runtimes, while being easy to install due to compactness.

Steerable Pod 5.0

An azimuth propulsion motor with pods rotating to any horizontal angle, making no need for a rudder.

Outboard 11.0

A powerful outboard motor for larger motor boats. Its unit consists of the motor, electronics and steering mechanism.