Classic Jigs

Fishing Tackle is what makes a difference between a blend trip and a great fishing tour. At Crabzz fishing gear, we also carry unique fishing lures, specifically jigging lures and hooks. Ice fishing jigs are hand-painted and are hand-made with multiple layers of paint and coatings. One of them is made using special UV reflective paint, which helps make the fishing jig more visible deep underneath where only UV frequencies get through the ice.

Additionally, we carry a variety of fishing tackle and lures for ice fishing. All of the lines carried by us are unique to the North American fishing market. We have high-quality, ultra-sharp hooks made of Japanese carbon steel, hand-made and hand-painted ice fishing jigs covered by 16 layers of paint, one of which is UV reflective. Check out our fishing section to see more products that might be handy on your next fishing trip.

The leading brand of the jigging lures and fishing tackle we carry is FastFish. These are new products for the North American market. With the quality, performance and a reasonable price, you can't go wrong with it!

Ice fishing Jigs made by Fastfish jigs are typically used for most predatory fish living in the lakes and deep water rivers. The fishing lures imitate scared & wounded fish, which try to break away but have no power left to resist, thus can't retreat far from the predator.

These lures are a viable alternative to regular live fish bait shops products as they are effective. The hand-painted quality is indistinguishable primarily for the fish from the real minnows and goby fish. There is a large variety of colours available to choose from. Although the baits are mainly used for ice fishing, not all fishermen know that they could also be used in the summer for deep water vertical jigging, for example, deepwater lake trout. Very strong and sharp fishing hooks from carbon steel are installed on the sides of the jig, and a hand-painted treble with UV reflective paint with a crystal bead is installed on the belly. All of this achieves unprecedented effectiveness and durability.

Among the baits & fishing lures offered, there are notable saltwater Pepper Bates specially designed for marine fish species, including cod and sea bass. They are in the form of a small octopus provided in three colours with a special attractant applied. Some models are luminescent. These baits have a unique saltwater hook installed to slow down the corrosion process.

We also have durable and ultra-sharp fishing hooks for sale. They are produced of top-quality Japanese carbon steel on the newest automated equipment. The quality is not worse, if not better than similar offerings but for a better price! The fishing hook models are uniquely designed in Ukraine and are produced in South Korea. Offered products have various shank lengths, different bends; some models have wider eyes, additional notches and also come as double & treble configurations. Double hooks typically are used for plastic or live bait to be placed on top, whereas trebles are used as an add-on to a lure typically underneath.