Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)

RIB, also known as RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat), is a high-performance and capacity inflatable boat.


RIB's convenience attracts everybody from fishers to the military. Probably a perfect boat for a trip to Eldorado. No kidding, it is the most versatile boat out there! It comes with different flooring types such as aluminum, wood, wood-plastic composite. Same with the tubes, they can be made of Hypalon, Polyvinyl Chloride or Polyurethane.

There is a lot to say about RHIB boats. Light-weight allows getting higher speeds and the efficiency in fuel consumption. It is also worth mentioning that RIB boats are very stable and are suitable for a wide variety of waters. If you have a new RHIB, it will serve you for 20 years in case of good quality. Some models allow you to replace the old tubes, which will cost you approximately 1/3 of a new boat. Quite advantageous compared to servicing a big boat. All those features make a rigid hull inflatable boat a good choice for spending time on the water no matter where you go.

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