Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) Navigator LAGUNA 500

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Standard kit with no accessories. For custom orders with consoles and seating - inquire via email


Reliability, speed, comfort and seaworthiness are the mottos of this development. The hull of the Laguna has rather complex trimaran-type contours in the bow, turning into keeled shapes with a cheekbone fold (“gull-wing” type) in the stern. Due to the peculiarities of the hull contours, the boat is fast, extremely maneuverable, easy to control, does not create a strong wave either at low or high speeds. Two pairs of longitudinal steps and developed sponsons, in addition to improving the hydrodynamic properties of the hull, add additional rigidity to the bottom. Significant deadlift of the boat in the bow allows it to gently “cut” the wave.

The fast RIB Laguna 500 is intended for use in the coastal maritime area for rescue services. The boat is suitable for boating, diving, fishing. It is possible to organize the rest of a small company with up to 8 people on it.


The Navigator Advantage –  Navigator Inflatable boat offers:

  • The newest joining technology –  thermal welding method.
  • The original design of the cylinder – shape narrows down to the nose, thus boosts marine performance.
  • The minimum number of joining seams.
  • Increased tightness and reliability of the cylinders.
  • The Longitudinal and circumferential seams are heat-welded.
  • Improved ride quality thanks to hydrodynamic contours.
  • The course stabilizers (keel) installed in the stern provide better directional stability.
  • Switching to gliding mode starting with 2.5 hp motors (depends on the model).
  • High-quality hull material – Boats are made of high-quality boat German PVC Valmex or Plastel produced by Mehler Texnologies with a density of 750 – 1000 g / m2, ensuring their long-term operation without additional processing of seams.
  • The movable seat support system is used to accommodate passengers in the boat comfortably.
  • The use of a slated-type floor dramatically speeds up the process of assembling and disassembling the boat.
  • Team of professionals. 100% quality control at every technological stage.
  • 5-year warranty

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·         Brand, model ·       Navigator Laguna 500
·         Boat type ·         RIB
·         Body material ·         PVC
·         Material manufacturer ·         Valmex
·        Length overall (m) ·         5.0 (16.4′)
·        Length inside (m) ·         3.6 (11.8”)
·         Width overall (m) ·        2,1 (6.6′)
·         Width inside (m) ·         1 (3.2′)
·         Tube diameter (m) ·         0,50
·         Transom type .         Stationary
·         Transom height (mm) / S,L ·         508/S
·         Overall weight (kg), netto ·         130
·         Floor type .       Fiberglass
·         Chamber diameter (m) ·         0,50
·         No. of chambers ·         6
·         Max. persons ·         8
·         Max. engine (kw/hp) ·        55 / 75