Mounting Kits

A wide variety of accessories for inflatable boats, motors, and fishing is available at Crabzz. Picking the right accessories is as important as selecting a suitable outboard motor. With just a few minor add-ons, you could significantly boost your experience on the water, make your trips way more comfortable, organize your gear and reduce the stress involved with assembly, transportation and organization.

Inflatable Boat Mounting Kits

Mounting kits are made to improve your boat. More of them are made to gain more space for gear like fishing rods and extra coolers in addition to padding for extra safety during rough waters! These specially designed marine products are easy to install, versatile, and allow you to customize your inflatable to fit your specific needs.

When considering the different inflatable boat mounting kits, there are several things to consider before you make your final decision. Inflatable boats can be used for many other purposes such as fishing, diving, hunting, and having fun on the water with family and friends. Your boat must be equipped with mounting kits correctly to keep it safe and secure on the water. 

Things to Consider

  • Boat Type

Boat mountings come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to be used with a specific type of inflatable vessel. For example, if you have an inflatable kayak or catamaran, you’ll need a mounting kit specific to these vessels. 

It may seem redundant - what’s more accessible than attaching a pipe right onto your inflatable boat? But without unique mounts that are tailored to fit inflatables, your equipment can become unstable or even sink altogether.

  • Simplicity

Look for easy-to-use mounting kits and never worry about complicated set-ups again. Also, keep in mind safety concerns when choosing a mount; always choose products made from high-quality materials that won’t give way easily.