Mid-Range Outboards

Mid-Range outboard motors are an essential part of the Crabzz marine supply store. We have a fine selection of inflatable boat motors and larger fishing & power boat motors. The average horsepower ranges between 2 and 60 hp for most of the variety. If you require a more powerful model, please, inquire separately.

Mid Range Outboard Motors

A mid-range outboard motor has become an essential part of the boating industry over the last few years. These outboards are affordable and economical, making them great for people who want to buy their first outboard motor or add to their existing fleet.

The benefits of mid-range motors are numerous. First and foremost, these motors provide you with plenty of power to get out onto open water. That's their job, and they do it well. In fact, many owners feel that these motors offer just as much power as premium motors do—but at an affordable price point.

Among other features:  instant throttle response, variable valve timing, programmed fuel injection, boosted low-speed torque (BLAST) and a lean burn control give peak performance, maximum power and fuel economy to mid-range outboards.

Incredible Manueverability 

If you are in the market for an outboard motor, we have to tell you about Mid-Range outboard motors! Mid Range Outboard Motors were getting constant improvement for more than 60 years! As a matter of fact, These four-stroke outboards have a great ability to maneuver and are often used with small fishing boats. Suppose you are looking for a motor that will move your boat effortlessly through even the most crowded waterways. In that case, this article will provide everything you need to know!

Why are outboard engines so maneuverable?

Mid-range outboard motors are maneuverable thanks to features like a lower motor height and a tilt-back on their control levers. These two variables combine to make it easier for you to get in and out of tight spaces and help you quickly travel from port to port when fishing. Most importantly, these features allow you to be more agile and reactive when avoiding obstacles (like other boats!) or casting into tight spots. There's nothing more frustrating than having your equipment hold you back!

Ergonomic of mid-range outboard motor

Most of the Mid Range outboard motors are powered by four strokes technology that eliminates mixing oil and gas, making them convenient and simple to use while reducing maintenance costs. These features make them some of the most reliable outboard motors on the market. However, these newer motors are more than just solid engineering – they also utilize innovative ergonomic control technology that makes them easier to operate than any other motor on the market today!

Having been specifically designed to meet both industrial and consumer needs, it's no wonder that Mid-Range outboard motors are so ergonomic.


Their handles are split into three parts to provide variable grip positions for a start. You can choose from a standard position for in-water fishing or an elevated position for launching and docking. Then there's an additional forward grip allowing you even greater control over your maneuvers. 

Tilt Mechanism

There is also an infinite power tilt mechanism, meaning you can precisely adjust how high or low your motor sits to other fittings on your boat. This gives boaters absolute freedom when configuring vessels while catering to all types of users with differing physical abilities. For example, if someone wants a lower handle height than conventional mid-range outboards, they simply move it down. Suppose you're going to increase its height. In that case, any adjustments required are made through a single pin and locking nut – making it extremely easy to alter both overall height and angle (90 ̊ - 135 ̊). 


Comfort is further enhanced thanks to generous padding around all sides of each handle. The smooth edges design provides outstanding comfort every time regardless of whether you're left-handed or right-handed. 

All in all, an ergonomically designed Tohatsu outboard motor is perfect for enhancing control and maneuverability with virtually limitless versatility. 

Built-in Water Flushing System and Fuel efficiency

Tohatsu, Honda Marine, Suzuki outboards, Mercury Marine and Yamaha mid-range outboards feature an innovative technology for engine maintenance. Their built-in water flushing system makes them safe and easy to use since you can easily flush your engine and make sure it is clean at any time – before every trip or during the seasons you don't use your boat, for example.

With over 60 years of experience in engine design and manufacturing, mid-range outboards have become powerful and got additional fuel efficiency due to electronic fuel injection. The new outboard models include a water flushing system. This unique feature allows you to drain stale water from your engine through a special hose for improved performance and longer life of your engine. Just plug into any shore power receptacle. After 15 minutes of flushing, simply crank up your boat and proceed as normal—your engine will be running cleaner than ever before! No tools are needed for installation. 

How often should I flush my motor?

The best way to flush your engine is to schedule it on a seasonal basis. For many anglers, that means getting into the routine of flushing their motor every fall before they store it away for winter. The frequency at which you flush your engine will depend on how much use it gets and what type of fluid you're using. For example, suppose you're spending time in saltwater. In that case, despite improved corrosion resistance, you should be flushing your motor more often because salt corrodes metal faster than fresh water does.

Purchase Mid Range Motor

If you're looking for new engines quiet enough to use while fishing or relaxing on your boat, these may be ideal for your needs. Although When looking into purchasing a mid-range motor, make sure you take some time to consider what your boating needs really are. Do you plan on using it in small areas like lakes, or would you prefer something more significant to take across seas! It's all about your tastes, seven feet under the keel and a bottle of rum!