Electric Inboard Boat Motors

Crabzz offers a range of electric inboard boat motors, designed for the diverse needs of modern boat owners.

Our electric inboard motor models are at the forefront of electric boating technology, incorporating advanced features such as:

Electric Propulsion System

Experience smooth acceleration and high torque with our electric propulsion systems, providing a quiet and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional combustion engines.

Integrated Design

Our motors boast a compact and integrated design, maximizing space efficiency while minimizing installation hassle. With motor mounts engineered for secure and straightforward installation, you can get out on the water with ease.

Smart System Architecture

Built upon our proprietary ePropulsion Smart System Architecture (eSSA), our motors offer intelligent control and monitoring capabilities. From smart throttles to remote data access, stay connected to your boat's performance wherever you are.

Remote Connectivity

With our ePropulsion Connectivity Service, boat owners can access real-time data, monitor performance, and receive alerts remotely. This seamless integration of IoT connectivity ensures peace of mind and enhanced safety on the water.

Easy Maintenance

Say goodbye to the complexities of engine maintenance. Our electric inboard motors are designed for easy upkeep, reducing maintenance requirements compared to traditional combustion engines.


Embrace sustainable boating practices with our electric propulsion solutions. Enjoy quieter operation, zero emissions, and a cleaner marine environment without compromising on performance.

Input Power and Motor Controller

Explore our motors' input power options and advanced motor controllers, delivering precise and efficient power delivery for optimal performance on the water.

Control System

Experience seamless control with our integrated control systems, allowing for intuitive operation and customization to suit your boating needs.

Explore our range of motors from the compact and powerful ePropulsion I-Series. Whether you're a seasoned sailor seeking high-power options or a family looking for a quiet and efficient cruising experience, Crabzz's electric motors have you covered.