Inflatable Motor Boats with Keel

When you're looking for an inflatable motor boat that's both manoeuvrable and reliable, look no further than an inflatable motor boat with a keel.

What is a keel?

The keel is the ship's fin. Keels, attached to the bottom of the hull, stabilise the boat's position on the water, prevent swaying, help keep it in its proper place when turning.

Inflatable Boats with Keel

Boats with keels are also convenient. You can easily fold the boat and stash it in the bag, tote it into the trunk or garage, and take it anywhere your imagination takes you. If you need your raft to be comfortable, manoeuvrable and stable all at once – a keel boat is your choice.

Inflatable Keel Dinghy

Our CRB and Navigator inflatable keel dinghies are equipped with the best materials to protect the boat from all sorts of dangers. It is vital so it can meet sharp objects and stay water-resistant. The Navigator models vessel's surface is protected from the sun's rays. It uses a five-layer PVC boat fabric density of 850 g / m2 - 1100 g / m2(certified PVC manufacturers ISO 9001), significantly increasing the boat's life. Our keel Inflatables are solid and reliable. 

Customize your inflatable boat right in our store. Search and choose the floor types and pick the colour or scheme for your inflatable dinghy. Equip your dinghy with fishing mounts, install a fish finder or navigation lights - all to your taste.