Portable Outboards

Portable outboard motors are an essential part of the Crabzz marine supply store. We have a fine selection of inflatable boat motors and larger fishing & power boat motors. The average horsepower ranges between 2 and 60 hp for most of the variety. If you require a more powerful model, please, inquire separately.

Portable Outboard Motors

The Portable Outboard Motor is a motor that can be attached to any boat and driven on water. The engine may look very simple but is actually an advanced product and does not have many parts.

The 20 hp, 18 hp, 15 hp, 9.9 hp, 9.8 hp, 8 hp, 6 hp, 5 hp, 4 hp, 3.5 hp and 2 (2.5) hp outboard motors are all lightweight, and most of them are compact 4-strokes, with exceptional performance that can get you where you want to go in no time! 

Top Features of Portable Outboard Motors

Built-in safety features – prevents starter motor runaway by sensing if something is in its way. Efficient operation and less fuel consumption – ideal for long excursions on open waters. Enhanced safety of water cooling system -prevents corrosion, better cooling performance, less power loss and longer engine life.


Outboards are incredibly portable, and you can transport them using just one hand. This means that even if you're on foot in difficult terrain or hiking through remote areas, you don't have to worry about getting stuck without an engine. 

They can also be easily mounted on any boat or floatable structure thanks to their lightweight and convenient design! Some are designed to be mounted horizontally, but most stick vertically off your boat's stern. If you enjoy spending time on smaller bodies of water, portability is an important characteristic. 

Large Capacity

The large capacity internal fuel tank lets you set up camp without having to make extra stops at gas stations. This means that you can enjoy more time on your boat and less time worrying about running out of fuel. 

Easy start and Stop

The ergonomic design of most portable outboards makes them very easy to start and stop while you're on your boat. The rest of their operation is simplified, making it possible for almost anyone to operate one.  


Unlike older styles of outboards, portable units are significantly quieter than traditional systems. Noise dampening technology (some designs even feature digital noise filters) that helps to reduce vibrations. These motors don't make any more noise than a vacuum cleaner or box fan running in another room.

Easy to Install and Lightweight 

Portable Outboards are designed with quick, easy assembly in mind. Some outboards come with no assembly required. Many come in easily transportable cases and can be installed in about 15 minutes. Others are ready-to-go right out of their packaging, so you can take them anywhere you want to go, no tools required. Portable motors are also lightweight. Many weigh just a little over 30 pounds, making them easy to carry into or onto a small boat. 

Once on board, they're secure and won't cause undue stress on boat frames because they don't vibrate like traditional motor mounts. 

Comfortable control

Low vibration levels and an ergonomic handle make driving these motors easy on the hands and wrists. You can run them for long periods without feeling fatigued or developing soreness. 

Buying Portable Outboard

Before buying one of these products, do research because you need to purchase accessories for your outboard motors like oil, fuel, electrical cords, and plugs. You also need to determine what kind of boat you are putting on since some engines work better than others depending on how much weight they support your boat or how large it is. 

Don't Forget To Consider 

  1. What size boat? This refers to the length of your boat and how many people plan on being on board. It makes sense that if you have lots of people, then choose an engine with more power instead of lots of smaller engines with less power. 
  2. How much am I willing to spend? No one likes paying big bucks for a motor, and it's no different when purchasing one for a large sum of money! 
  3. Is it easy to start? Easy start means just that and can save you some frustration! The last thing anyone wants is a motor that takes five minutes just to get started. 
  4. What is its horsepower rating? Higher hp ratings mean it can tackle more weight or larger boats. 
  5. Will it fit on my boat? – This shouldn't be too difficult, but some motors will take up a little more space than others. You need to make sure that you can fit your motor without it being in danger of overheating, running over things and potentially damaging other components. 
  6. Can I tow anything with it? - It may not seem like such a big deal now, but if you ever find yourself needing to pull something bigger behind your boat, then you'll thank yourself for purchasing one that can handle it! 

Since you got all the answers, you can choose the motor that will benefit your needs. We hope the article was helpful and you got closer to making up your choice!