Portable Electric Coolers

The GoSun Chill and GoSun Chillest take portable cooling to the next level. These innovative electric coolers are created for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, boaters and road trippers who want efficient and hassle-free cooling solutions that require no ice. The GoSun Chill and GoSun Chillest portable electric coolers will elevate your outdoor experiences. Discover the liberation of efficient cooling without the inconvenience of ice. These coolers are the ideal companions for your adventures, having been designed with durability, convenience, and versatility in mind. Upgrade today to enjoy the ultimate cooling solution for your outdoor adventures.

GoSun Chill - Consistent Temperature on the Go

The GoSun Chill has a large capacity, holding up to 40 cans or a combination of snacks and beverages. Its advanced cooling system keeps your items cool for extended periods of time. Reduce your environmental impact by embracing sustainability with multiple charging options, including solar power, a 12V car port, and an AC outlet.

GoSun Chillest - an Impressive Temperature Range

Looking for a compact cooling solution with a powerful cooling capacity? The GoSun Chillest is an ideal companion. Because of its compact size, it can hold up to 24 cans while providing efficient cooling to keep your refreshments at the ideal temperature. Recharge on the go with solar power or a carport to ensure a constant power supply during your outdoor adventures.

Both coolers have easy-to-use LCD control panels for temperature adjustments and battery monitoring. They are made to withstand harsh environments and are made of durable and weather-resistant materials. With their sturdy handles and secure latches, the GoSun Chill and GoSun Chillest are designed for easy transportation and storage.

Safety comes first. These coolers have low voltage protection, overcharge protection, and overheating protection, ensuring the safety of your cooler and its contents.

Enjoy the added convenience of built-in USB ports for charging your devices while on the go. The built-in LED lights illuminate the interior of the cooler, allowing easy access to your items even in low-light conditions.