Jet Outboards

Jet outboard motors are an essential part of the Crabzz marine supply store. We have a fine selection of inflatable boat motors and larger fishing & power boat motors. The average horsepower ranges between 2 and 60 hp for most of the variety. If you require a more powerful model, please, inquire separately.

Jet Outboards for Inflatable Boats

Jet outboard motors can avoid impact damage in case of striking objects that are submerged. The Jet engine provides good fuel economy and is popular among anglers and boat owners looking for an economical marine power source.

Incredible Maneuverability of Jet Outboard

Have you ever tried to pilot boats through a narrow channel? If so, you know just how frustrating it can be: trying to back in or turn your vessel when dragged by the wind or current requires skill and time. But with jet drive outboard motors, we have solved that problem once and for all. You'll have incredible maneuverability, no matter what kind of waters you're crossing. And because the jet drive is suitable for small boats, you won't have to worry about whether they will hold up under pressure or not. With outboard jets, they don't hesitate; they go!

The ability to control your boat's movements is so important because you don't want to damage your vessel. Jet drives have great emergency stopping features and a reverse function, which is ideal if you need to retreat from danger safely.

You'll also easily steer your vessel because these kinds of engines allow for very responsive maneuverability. They're great for small boats, and for vessels, you want to navigate through narrow channels with ease. There're packages with manual steering and with power steering.

Ergonomic control of Jet Drive

The ergonomic design of Jet Drive Outboard Motors provides optimal control and comfort for operators, especially when riding for extended periods. This ergonomic design allows easier starting and shifting since it uses a convenient key switch and paddle style shifter. These features help avoid unwanted starts while preventing accidental shifts during operation.

The multifunctional triller handle makes it even easier to pilot boats. This feature is beneficial when docking or positioning your boat in tight spaces. 

Idling System allows adjusting trolling speed in several levels. Variable throttle will enable you to set the proper trolling speed according to the environment and to feel comfortable for anglers. 

Also, these motors are specifically designed to provide a steady stream of power while running, making them ideal for high performance.

Easy Engine Flushing  of Outboard Jets

Jet Drive Outboards come with easy engine flushing technology, which allows you to flush and wash away heavy oils, corrosive saltwater, sand, mud, and other abrasives from your motor and engine in minutes. 

Technology is beneficial for boats that spend their time in marine environments with little or no access to land-based repair facilities. You can perform an engine flush whenever required without spending extra money on a mechanic. 

You don't need to dispose of the complete saltwater into local rivers when changing the season. The motor flushes itself out by adding fresh seawater, which cleans all old contaminants before washing it off with fresh water.