Aluminum Boats

Welcome to Crabzz, your authorized dealer in Canada for premium aluminum boats. Our boats cater to all - whether you're angling for bass, walleye, redfish, or crappie, enjoying a family day out on the lake, or seeking adventure in secluded waters.

Featuring robust hulls, integrated trolling motors, and ample storage, our boats ensure a stable, enjoyable experience for fishing, family fun, or outdoor adventures.

Engineered for Canadian Waters

Our aluminum fishing boats are designed with the toughness needed for both serene lake fishing and challenging river environments. With light yet strong hulls, these boats ensure stability and smooth performance, no matter the conditions. Enjoy features like an integrated trolling motor, spacious decks for casting, and ample storage for all your gear and catches. The robust hull construction and safety features allow for secure towing and confident handling in various water types.

Designed for Every Boater

From solo fishing trips to family outings, our boats are equipped to handle it all. They come with advanced electronics for efficient navigation and fish finding, convertible awnings for protection against the elements, and comfortable seating that makes long days on the water enjoyable. Our easy to tow models are designed for both the thrill of life on the water and the practicality of easy storing, making them perfect for weekend warriors and serious anglers alike.

Built to Last

Invest in a fishing boat from Crabzz and invest in your memories on Canadian waters. Each boat is crafted to offer not just fun and functionality but also safety and dependability. With a competitive price and options for customization and upgrades like enhanced fishing platforms and towing capabilities, you can tailor your boat to your specific preferences.

Aluminum Fishing Boats, Accessories, and More

Explore our selection of aluminum boats for sale in Canada, and find the perfect model to create new traditions and enjoy your boating time with friends and family on the water.