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Inflatable boats with accessories, outboard motors, fishing gear and other marine supplies at Crabzz Store in Canada.

Inflatable boats that you can roll-up and carry in a bag

We offer a variety of dinghies for fishing and recreation. A selection of inflatables is available here, starting from basic ones for rowing for one or two passengers up to the top of the line long boats, which are able to fit up to seven people. Some have a detachable motor mount for trolling motors but most have a solid reinforced transom capable of carrying heavier motors.

Most of the products that we sell are manufactured by Navigator, one of the best producers in Europe that was established more than 15 years ago. It’s a perfect choice for fishermen, who don’t want to carry bulky vessels on a trailer and would rather prefer to roll it up in a bag and throw it in the trunk of a car.

Needless to say, the quality and marine performance of the Navigators we sell are on the highest level for in-class products. There are more than fifty various types available that slightly differ based on their length, transom, tube configuration, keel and the floor type.

We also carry rigid inflatable boats with a rigid hull made of fiberglass or aluminum, which some may call RIBs. Those typically have a center console, sometimes they have a side control panel and seating in the nose and the back of the pleasure craft.

Modern design thinking together with high-tech factory processes enable top of the line marine performance and increased lifetime for the inflatable rafts. Navigators have a unique tube form which was achieved through multiple iterations of testing and adherence to the latest quality standards. The end goal for the manufacturer is to empower those on the water who enjoy fishing and recreational boating.

Navigator is using the best joining technology called heat welding for it’s seams, which adheres the PVC tubes on a molecular level. Moreover, on the planning stage the number of seams was intentionally reduced to increase the security and minimize any air leakage.

The unique tube design for the inflatables that could carry an outboard motor as mentioned above, is actually narrowing down to the nose, which significantly increases the aerodynamic characteristics thus boosting the marine performance.

Accessories for Inflatable Boats

Variety of marine accessories might be found on our website. We carry various tents, covers, seat pads, ladders, holders of different types like rod holders or cup holders, launching wheels and other similar add-ons, which could make your experience on the water much more comfortable.

Just by organizing your space appropriately, you could save so much time on cleaning, moving stuff around and definitely boost your fishing experience. For example with an anti-slippery floor cover you could save yourself some headache of cleaning the floor from fish oil and dirt. With a bimini you could hide from the sun and with a nose tent you could cover yourself from some splashes on a windy day.

We also recommend purchasing an electric pump because the cylinder pressure is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. Typically the pressure should be set at 0.23 bar (3.34 psi) for the inflatable keel and the tubes to achieve top marine performance and alleviate the chance of the floor playing under your feet. Most of the boats have a pressure valve installed to prevent pressure caused damage and the internal design of the tubes is aligned to improve the safety.

Check out our accessory section for a bunch of helpful products like motor covers, seat pads, handles, mounts and echo-sounder holders. If you can’t find something specific, always feel free to reach out and ask us, we might be able to offer just the right thing you’re looking for.

Outboard Motors and Trolling Motors

Check out our outboard motors - we have powerful Tohatsu motors with all of the rigging needed for them ranging between 2 HP and up to 60 horsepower. Power tilt, electric start, tiller handles, side mounts, various gauges and control box options we have it all. Whether you need a short shaft outboard motor or a long shaft motor, we could meet your needs in both cases.

Additionally, we offer electric trolling motors for smaller vessels or for your unique fishing needs. Most of the trolling motors are typically less than a horsepower, thus they are good for a one man craft or as an add-on to stabilize your powerboat if there’s any wind or current. Trolling motors could also be a great option for kayaks, canoes and other small watercraft.

Fishing gear

Additionally, we carry a variety of fishing gear, fishing hooks and lures for ice fishing. All of the lines carried by Crabzz are unique to the North American fishing market. We have high quality, ultra-sharp hooks made of Japanese carbon steel, hand-made and hand-painted ice fishing jigs covered by 16 layers of paint one of which is UV reflective. Check out our fishing section to see more products that might be handy on your next fishing trip.