RIB Crabzz 510F

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Model Crabzz 510 from the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) series with a rigid fiberglass bottom and inflatable tubes.

The boat Crabzz 510 is a synonym for the word “comfort”: all the necessary accessories are included in its standard equipment, 5 people can be safely accommodated on board, and the carrying capacity of this model is 800 kilograms, and at the same time it is possible to develop high speed on it, since the maximum engine power is 75 h.p. All these qualities make the RIB Crabzz 510 a luxury boat.

All RIB series boats have excellent marine performance characteristics. They can develop high speed while maintaining maneuverability and controllability. RIBs carry more weight compared to regular roll up inflatables, are more stable on water and absorb the shock from the waves through the inflatable tubes.

Overall, it’s a great option for fishing or recreation if you don’t mind carrying it on a trailer.


    • Brand, model · Crabzz 510F
    • Boat type ·  RIB
    • Length overall (ft) ·  16,7
    • Width overall (ft) ·  6,7
    • Tube diameter (ft) ·  1,6
    • Transom height (ft) · 1,35/S (15")
    • Overall weight (lb) · 705
    • No. of chambers ·  5
    • Max weight capacity ·  1763 lbs
    • Max passengers ·  5
    • Max. engine (kw/hp) ·  58 / 75