Mounting Kit For Crabzz Accessories NLS224

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Mounting kit NLS224 with 3M VHB tape measuring 14cm by 14cm allows you to quickly and easily install the entire range of Crabzz accessories on board the boat. The lower surface of the platform is equipped with double-sided tape of increased strength. The set is especially relevant for cases when the installation of accessories on the inflatable and rigid side of the vessel is required.

The PVC mounting pad from the kit, after removing the protective film, is glued to the board in the selected place. Then it is necessary to press it strongly or use a load. One hour after gluing, a lock can be installed on the platform, in which various accessories from the Crabzz series are fixed. It is possible to launch the boat and use the accessories under load 24 hours after gluing the mounting pad. Moving parts of the lock must be periodically treated with silicone grease (included) prevents water film formation and ensures reliable operation in low temperatures.


    • Brand ·  Crabzz
    • Model ·  NLS224
    • Material ·  PVC
    • Mount type ·  3M VHB Tape
    • Size (mm) ·  110x110x43
    • Overall weight (g) · 195 
    • Color · Black, White, Grey