Inflatable Catamaran Pontoon Boat Crabzz SR390

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Crabzz SR390 are PVC catamarans for fishing, rafting, and traveling in any water space, including the sea. Due to their structure, they are also great for walking along small and mountain rivers. Excellent cross-country ability is achieved by the fact that even at full load, the bottom does not touch the water surface. Therefore, the catamaran runs on two one-pieces, fully protected bottom and side cylinders, with minimal resistance. In production, Boathouse uses only the highest quality and most reliable materials: German PVC fabrics, the best fittings, marine plywood, and aluminum. Everything is designed for long, trouble-free operation in difficult conditions.

Crabzz Catamarans have an excellent design and a modern structure of a special hydrodynamic shape, which provides excellent driving performance. They are surprisingly easy to ride on oars and low-power motors. They are distinguished by safe behavior on a wave and good passability along with overgrown places of water bodies and rapids. On all SR models, regardless of their length, the speed indicators on motors of the same power are identical. Nothing is surprising in this: catamarans have a displacement type of movement. This means that the longer the case, the less its resistance in the water. And yet, the catamaran structure allows you to use the entire speed range - from trolling to maximum speed - without any transient modes. Moreover, even with sharp accelerations, the catamaran's nose never rises above eye level. You always see what's ahead. Efficiency is also at the highest level: for 1 liter of gasoline, you can walk about 25 km. This is twice as economical as conventional keel boats, much smaller.

The overall width of all SR models is 186 cm, the width of the rigid flooring is 87 cm, the diameter of the cylinders is 50 cm, and the used boat width (up to the safety handrail) is 155 cm. This width is very convenient for fishing and allows two adults to sit freely next to each other. together. In the front part, behind a high frame, there is a large waterproof locker on a snake, with a volume of 350 liters. Behind the transom, 24mm thick, there are PVC fabric spoilers that act as a splash damper and give a lift to the stern. If it is necessary to install transom wheels, slots are made in the spoilers.

The interior of SR is equipped with side luggage pockets, absolutely flat rigid flooring in an aluminum profile with a non-slip surface, floor locks on cylinders, transom and frames, oars with stainless oarlocks, drain valves, and a safety handrail along the entire length. Chairs can be installed any - inflatable, boat, folding, on swivel support and, even, fishing coastal. Already in the basic configuration, SR has four pressurized compartments, redans, anti-roll bars, a fender, bottom protection for cylinders, and handles for towing, carrying, and mooring. All this provides additional safety for the unsinkable structure of the catamaran. If the SR is completely covered by the wave at maximum load, it will remain on the surface (there is a buoyancy reserve), and the ebb valves will gradually release all the water out. And even if the whole team board one side, the catamaran will not capsize. This quality is especially important for diving and spearfishing.

There are at least 10 advantages of SR catamarans over keel boats:

- simple and quick assembly (from 10 to 25 minutes - 8-meter model);

- the highest level of security;

- increased cross-country ability and an extensive water area of use;

- excellent speed performance on oars, low power motors, and under sail;

- profitability and low operating costs;

- easy and safe handling and excellent driving performance;

- large interior space with a flat deck;

- the ability to fish, diving, spearfishing, rafting, travel, and even live on the water;

- a huge selection of models from 4 m to 8 m in length;

- comfort and reliability. PVC catamaran for sea fishing

Inflatable boats, the price of which is justified by the quality of workmanship and materials used, as well as a huge number of interesting options - tents, plastic tables, swivel fishing chairs, inflatable decks, side platforms, and even tents that allow you to fish, hunt, or just travel, living on a boat for weeks in complete comfort.


Model: SR390
Overall dimensions, cm:
Length overall - 390cm
Width overall -186cm
Rigid flooring width - 86cm
Width inside - 155cm
Diameter of cylinders - 50cm
Loading capacity - 480kg
Passenger capacity - 4
Boat weight - 56kg
Floor weight - 18kg
Package weight (bag with boat, pump and repair kit) - 60kg
Density of PVC - 900
Max Outboard Power - 20 HP