PVC Heat Welding Technology

PVC Heat Welding Technology

Heat Welding Technology is an advanced technology featuring highly durable seams that withstand critical environmental conditions like extreme temperatures or humid locations. Inflatable boats built with this technology are easy to fix and safe for the environment.

How it works 

Compressed air creates heat to melt two surfaces together. The resulting bond is formed as molecules between the two surfaces intermingle and cool.

Hot Air Weld is a technique used on thermoplastic materials having a thickness of 1.5 millimetres (1/16"). It's excellent for weld shapes that require frequent changeovers or when you need to continuously start and stop the process.

Crabzz Heat Welding Technique

Your inflatable boat will last a lifetime with German PVC at its core. Crabzz Boat's unique welding techniques allow sectional seams and longitudinal ones to join together. The seams are elastic and solid with this technology, ensuring that your dinghy is sturdy when inflated and in use.

Inflatable Boats are constructed from high-quality Valmex/Plaster boat PVC from Mehler Technologies with a density of 750-1000g/m2, ensuring their durability and low maintenance over time. Our production plant is equipped with a one-of-a-kind welding machine, custom-built just for their boats.

Among the first in the inflatable boating industry, it has perfected and applied the technology of welding the tube-to-tube partition into the cylinder's body.

The Crabzz's innovative weld technique sets them apart from other manufacturers. You can be sure your inflatable boat will last a lifetime. This heat welding method was developed to decrease the number of exterior seams running from the bow to the stern of the boat.

Pros and Cons 


  • Glue gets ruined over time with heat and humidity, causing leaks to be costly repairs.
  • Gluing seems to be a complex process that requires special conditions and, if something goes wrong - leads to a failure of the seam shortly.
  • Glue produces chemicals harmful to the environment, such as air and water.
  • Repairing glued seams are close to impossible, and you might end up buying a new vessel.

Heat welding

  • The Boats feature a high level of toughness due to how seams bond together, creating strength. These boats can be used in colder waters, and they don't show any signs of wear even after 15 years.
  • Heat-welded seams are more consistent and don't require a particular environment to be created, as the heat welding process uses only high temperatures.
  • Heat-welded seams are easily correctable. You can barely do it yourself in the field using a hand-held welding device.
  • Safe for the environment 

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