Introducing the ePropulsion eLite

Introducing the ePropulsion eLite

ePropulsion, a leader in electric motor engineering, has announced the launch of the ePropulsion eLite 500W electric outboard, the most compact and lightweight motor available today. Tailored for small boats and tenders, the ePropulsion eLite marks a new era in the world of outboard electric motors.

Advanced Engineering for a Greener Tomorrow

Danny Tao, co-founder and CEO of ePropulsion, states, "With its innovative features and sustainable principles, the ePropulsion eLite is set to redefine eco-friendly boating for enthusiasts worldwide." The motor is equipped with a direct drive and an enhanced propeller design, significantly reducing its dimensions. This ultra-portable solution can be conveniently packed into a bag, making it an easy-to-use alternative to small internal combustion engines.

Perfectly Blending Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Design

The ePropulsion eLite electric outboard motor boasts a power output of 500 watts and operates on a lithium-ion battery that can be charged using AC (110/220V), DC (12V from a yacht battery), or solar power. Charging takes approximately 4 hours, and the motor even features a USB-C port for charging mobile devices on the go. The motor offers two operating modes:

  • Sport Mode: Enhances power to 750 watts, achieving speeds up to 8 km/h with a range of 5.6 km over 45 minutes.
  • Economy Mode: Extends operating time to 1.5 hours, with power reduced to 250 watts, increasing the range to 10 km. Despite its compact size, the ePropulsion eLite provides ample power for everyday tasks associated with tenders and dinghies.

Compact, Convenient, and Built to Last

Weighing just 6.7 kg (14.7 lbs) and measuring 30 cm in length, 7.5 cm in width, and 89 cm in height, the ePropulsion eLite is the most lightweight electric outboard in its class. Its unique mounting system allows for easy installation on a tender or small boat. The tiller, covered with a non-slip material, features an adjustable tilt angle and handle length, ensuring a secure and customized grip. A small display on the top of the motor provides battery charge and status information. The Elite's body is made from aviation-grade aluminum, ensuring durability and protection according to IP67 standards, safeguarding against water ingress.

Affordable & Eco-Friendly Marine Propulsion

The ePropulsion eLite is an eco-conscious enthusiasts dream, offering a perfect blend of compactness, convenience, and quality. It provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional internal combustion engines, promoting an environmentally responsible journey on water. The ePropulsion Elite is priced at $1525, making it an excellent value for the quality and technology offered.

About ePropulsion: ePropulsion specializes in the development and manufacture of electric outboard motors, offering eco-friendly solutions for marine propulsion. The company is committed to innovation and sustainability, aiming to enhance the on-water experience for boaters globally.

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