Universal Lock for Crabzz Accessories NL219

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The lock is a universal for all Crabzz accessories. The structure of the lock includes a body made of polyamide, a lock plug is made of PVC, and a set of fasteners 4 screws and 4 self-tapping screws from stainless steel, which allows you to fix the lock on various mounting sites. Mounting platforms are adapters for different surfaces, an inflatable or rigid board, a tubular handrail of boats, a non-standard, special profile, or you can install it yourself in a previously made in a rigid form a hole with a diameter of 32 mm.

Accessories of the Crabzz brand are installed in lock, by removing the protective plug and pressing the locking mechanism in the place indicated on it, insert the accessory all the way into the lock, having previously smeared the sealing ring on the adapter of the accessory or equipment with silicone, and press again in the indicated place, thus by fixing the adapter itself. Silicone grease is designed to lubricate the moving parts of the lock and adapter with an O-ring, the grease prevents the formation of a water film and prevents it from freezing, which ensures reliable operation in low temperatures.


    • Brand ·  Crabzz
    • Model ·  NL219
    • Material ·  PVC
    • Color · Black, White, Grey