Mounting Kit for hardboard installation of Crabzz accessories NLB

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A mounting kit that allows you to quickly and easily install the entire range of Crabzz accessories on any rigid surface of the vessel. It also makes it possible to mount a universal lock on a movable bank (seat) of an inflatable boat or on a transom.

How to install?

The mounting platform from the kit is attached to the board at the selected location using four screws or self-tapping screws (included in the kit). The lock is installed on a platform, after which various accessories from the Crabzz series can be fixed in the lock.

It is possible to install a lock in a Ø 32 mm hole, previously made in the side of the vessel. This makes it possible to reduce the height of the structure relative to the side of the vessel. In this case, the mounting platform can be fixed from the inside of the enclosure (if available) to further strengthen the structure as a whole.

Moving parts of the lock must be periodically treated with silicone grease (included), which prevents the formation of a water film and ensures reliable operation in low temperatures.


    • Brand ·  Crabzz
    • Model ·  NLB
    • Material ·  PVC
    • Color · Black, White, Grey