Mounting Pad For Crabzz Accessories MG140

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PVC platform MG140 with an increased gluing area to the board. Allows installed Crabzz accessories to withstand increased loads. Recommended for installing a rod holder, oarlock, anchor point, mooring bollard, etc. The set includes a stencil for neat glue application. If you plan to install two platforms on one side, we recommend choosing a distance between their centers of 305 mm. This will allow the installation of accessories that are secured with two locks.


    • Brand ·  Crabzz
    • Model ·  MG140
    • Material ·  PVC
    • Mount type ·  Two-component polyurethane glue
    • Size (mm) ·  140x140x18
    • Overall weight (g) · 163 
    • Color · Black, White