Inflatable Boat Pontoon Catamaran Crabzz ST300

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Inflatable Pontoon Catamaran Boat Crabzz ST300 is the smallest model among all "ST" inflatable catamaran boats. Overall dimensions are 297x99 cm, and when folded it fits into a compact bag 100x30x45 cm. This is a one-seater inflatable catamaran that weighs 15 kg and is assembled in 10-15 minutes. These vessels are spacious, safe, stable, and good for both sitting and standing. A single-piece inflatable cylinder made of German PVC fabric, 32 cm in diameter provides both elevated marine and recreational experiences. It protects the lower unit and has directional stabilizers. The floor bottom does not touch the water even with a full load of 210 kg, and the inflatable pontoons have only 2 thin touchpoints with the water surface, which enables hydro-planning and efficient maneuverability even with smaller HP outboard motors. 


There is a waterproof compartment on a zipper with a volume of 70 liters in the bow (nose part). On it, if necessary, you can attach a waterproof bag with a volume of up to 120 liters. Inner dimensions of the catamaran are 125 cm long and 60 cm wide. It is equipped with folding rigid flooring 125 cm x 42 cm which doesn't weigh too much, a draining valve, side storage compartments with a volume of 100 liters, a front frame that serves as a footrest, and a rear frame. In the back, there is another moisture-proof locker on a zipper, with a volume of 60 liters, on which, if necessary, you can also attach a waterproof storage bag up to 100 liters. 


Crabzz ST300 is perfect for fishing and solo hikes. Due to its catamaran (pontoon-ish) structure, it is very easy to control, it navigates well even against the current with minimal effort, and it is ultra-safe - it is really hard to roll over on it, unlike on other inflatables.



Model: ST 300
Overall dimensions, cm:
Length overall - 297cm
Width overall - 99cm
Rigid flooring width - 42cm
Width inside - 60cm
Diameter of cylinders - 32cm
Loading capacity - 210kg
Passenger capacity - 1
Boat weight - 15kg
Floor weight - 2kg
Package weight (bag with boat, pump, and repair kit) - 17kg
The density of PVC - 750