Inflatable Boat Pontoon Catamaran Crabzz SP350

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Inflatable Boat Pontoon Catamaran Crabzz SP350 has been designed for fishing, spearfishing, and travel, including those of increased difficulty. When creating this design, all the advantages and disadvantages of the frame, inflatable, and frame-inflatable kayaks, inflatable boats, and catamarans were deeply studied and taken into account. Thanks to this, the SP transom kayaks received a catamaran structure with one-piece hydrodynamic cylinders, divided in half by a membrane. This design creates the least resistance when moving, does not roll over, is unsinkable in principle, and is very passable. Why was SP classified as a catamaran? Because their width is 116 cm, and due to their high landing, they are perfect for rowing with catamaran oars, 240 cm long. Additionally, you can install ordinary oars on oarlocks, but the shortest ones.

The construction of all SP models is the same except for the length. In front of the boat, there is a waterproof locker with a volume of 100 liters. The bottom is located slightly above the center of the cylinders, and does not touch the surface of the water even when fully loaded. It has drain valves, and all the water that gets inside is discharged outside. On the bottom of all SP models, is installed a lightweight folding rigid flooring, which allows you to install a chair with a backrest and stand inside to its full height. For the necessary rigidity of the hull and for movement under the motor, a transom, a front frame, and intermediate frames, which are also a footrest, are installed. From below, all cylinders have additional protection along the entire length, redans in the front part, and stabilizers of directional stability - in the stern. Thus, SP catamarans are “water off-road vehicles”, and therefore the area of ​​their use is very wide: these are all rivers, including mountain ones, reservoirs, and rugged areas overgrown with aquatic vegetation.

SP transom catamarans are made only of German PVC fabric, marine laminated birch plywood, and high-quality fittings. The only seam on the cylinders is at the bottom, and is protected by triple PVC fabric and protection. Everything is designed for long, trouble-free operation.

Lightweight and fast assembly

All SP models are light for their size and assemble very quickly and easily - from 5 to 20 minutes.

High safety and excellent cross-country ability

Four pressurized compartments, protection of the entire lower part, excellent stability, high-quality materials, and unsinkable construction. It is impossible to turn the Crabzz SP catamaran. And thanks to its width, catamaran structure, and additional protections, SP will take place where ordinary boats and catamarans have nothing to do.

Excellent handling, speed, and economy

All SP models are easy to handle with oars, have excellent directional stability, have very light travel, and make efficient use of engine power. Therefore, even for the largest SP model, an engine with a capacity of only 2.5 hp is enough. In this case, the entire range of speed is used - from minimum to maximum (there are no transient modes of movement). It should be noted that the speed of the smallest catamaran - SP300 and the largest - SP750, will be the same. The fact is that the longer the cylinders, the less their resistance in the water. Accordingly, the economy is at the highest level - you can walk up to 30 km on one liter of gasoline!

Large selection of models, dynamics, and good price

Thanks to the large selection of models, you can choose the catamaran boat that suits you best. The smallest is single, and the largest can accommodate 6 people. When choosing a model, consider the space for your luggage. There is a very useful option - fastening a pressurized bag on board. It can be placed on the sides of up to 6 hermetic bags, in areas that do not interfere with rowing. And fix one more on the front locker. Thus, the total luggage volume can be 450 liters or more.

SP transom catamarans have an excellent price-quality ratio, incredible economy, and reliability. If you install an engine of 5-6 HP, then there are real sporty notes in the handling. During sharp turns at full speed, you need to hold on to the safety line - the catamaran follows a precisely chosen trajectory. With a sharp acceleration, there is no yawing and nose-lifting. Everything is stable, predictable, and absolutely safe: the boat goes exactly where you are directing it, and keeps a straight line perfectly.


The comfort of the inflatable transom catamaran SP is provided by a spacious and flat interior - a cockpit equipped with a light rigid flooring with clamps, drain valves, a safety handrail, paddle holders, and a waterproof locker. You can install an upholstered chair with a backrest, fishing and recreation equipment, an awning, and even a sail! With the SP transom catamaran, you have new possibilities. On the motor, you can climb upstream, and then paddle; you can walk along large expanses of water; you can raft along a mountain river; you can fish or hunt in the most inaccessible places. Being in comfort and enjoying the control, safety, and capabilities of the boat, you get a completely different quality of relaxation.


Model: SP 350
Overall dimensions, cm:
Length overall - 350cm
Width overall -116cm
Rigid flooring width - 42cm
Width inside - 80cm
Diameter of cylinders - 38cm
Loading capacity - 265kg
Passenger capacity - 1+1
Boat weight - 23kg
Floor weight - 3kg
Package weight (bag with boat, pump, and repair kit) - 25kg
The density of PVC - 750
Max Outboard Power - 10 HP