Inflatable Boat Pontoon Catamaran Crabzz SF395

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Crabzz Catamarans are lightweight compact inflatable catamarans specially designed for fishing and hunting in hard-to-reach places. In other words, they are light water SUVs.

Lightweight catamarans SF have collected the best qualities of catamarans, keel boats and flat-bottomed fishing boats. What are the current requirements for a modern boat for fishing and hunting?

Light weight and fast assembly.

SF are lightweight for their size and are very easy and quick to assemble. For example, Smart-Fisher 370 weighs 38 kg and is assembled in 5 - 10 minutes, and the largest model - 770 weighs 78 kg and is assembled in 15 - 20 minutes.

Correct comfortable ergonomics.

The overall width of all SF models is 150 cm, and the used width is 120 cm. This is a convenient width for one person to use the two sides of the catamaran, on which the equipment for fishing is located: an echo sounder, rod holders, anchor rollers, etc. And the optimal width for paddling, especially in difficult terrain. All SF models have an absolutely flat rigid flooring in an aluminum profile, on which you can confidently move. It is made of marine plywood with a non-slip coating.

In the front part of the catamaran there is a closed waterproof locker on a snake, with a volume of 150 liters. It can be used for things and equipment. And if it is equipped with ebb valves, then for fish.

Ease of landing.

The peculiarity of the SF design is that the bottom does not touch the water even under full load. Therefore, while in a boat, you sit not in the water, but above the water. This is very convenient for both fly fishing and normal fishing, especially if swivel fishing chairs are installed. You can comfortably stay in the boat for a long time - to fish and relax.

Safety and reliability.

SF are made only from German PVC fabric, marine plywood and aluminum. Catamarans already have four pressurized compartments in the basic configuration and are additionally protected from below and from the side along the entire length. Everything is designed for long, trouble-free operation in difficult conditions.

The design of SF catamarans is unsinkable: if the boat is completely filled with water even at full load, it will not sink (there is a buoyancy margin). And through the ebb valves in the bottom, all the water will go away in just a few minutes.

SF cannot be flipped under normal conditions while inside the catamaran. Even if several people are put on one side, the catamaran does not roll over.

And one more safety element: during a sharp acceleration, the bow of the catamaran never rises above eye level - you always see where to direct the boat.

Ease of running on oars and efficient use of engine power.

SF have minimal water resistance. Therefore, it is very easy to move on oars or on an electric motor even against the middle course of the river. A powerful transom allows you to install an engine with a power of up to 10 HP, and a reinforced one - up to 20 HP. But even the lightest and most economical motor is enough for confident and economical movement. The catamaran structure Crabzz has one more feature: the speed of the catamaran does not depend in any way on its length. Therefore, the smallest model and the largest will run at the same speed under the same power plant. And one more important point: lightweight Crabzz Catamarans use the entire speed range (from trolling to maximum speed) without any transient modes. Therefore, the influence of each additional passenger is very insignificant - the speed decreases by 2 km / h.

Permeability and efficiency.

SF is a water-based SUV, very economical. For 1 liter of fuel, you can walk up to 30 km! And at the same time, he can walk where ordinary keeled or flat-bottomed boats do not pass. These are rapids rivers, and places of reservoirs overgrown with vegetation, and large expanses of water. Despite the average diameter of the cylinders (42 cm), thanks to its driving characteristics and design features, SF will never let you down, even in the most difficult situations.


SF is equipped with personal comfortable chairs, sun and rain awnings, any equipment for fishing and recreation, a sail, and even aside platform with a tent! If you decide to spend a fishing vacation or a few days, you simply add a side platform with a tent to your SF. And then you can comfortably fish and live on the water as long as you like.