Inflatable Boat Catamaran Pontoon Crabzz TM660

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Marine catamaran Crabzz TM660 is an inflatable catamaran for a comfortable and safe fishing or traveling at sea. The design of the boat comes with a cylinder diameter of 65 cm and a width of 259 cm. With a width of 180 cm, almost everything fits easily, which makes it a great choice for people who need space on the boat. A large extension of the cylinders is necessary for good germination on the wave, correct weight distribution of the catamaran, and its seaworthiness. Discover the complete fishing boat with seating for 20 people! It features a catamaran design and rigid structure with excellent running characteristics. The boat is easy to set up in 20 minutes by one person and is perfect for fisherman who require lots of space to place their fishing equipment.


Model: TM660
Length overall - 660cm, 21.6'
Width overall - 256cm, 8.5'
Rigid flooring width - 129cm, 4.3'
Width inside - 80cm, 2.63'
Diameter of cylinders - 38cm, 2.1'
Loading capacity - 265kg, 584lbs
Passenger capacity - 12+8
Boat weight - 167kg, 368 lbs
Floor weight - 3kg, 6.6 lbs
Package weight (bag with boat, pump, and repair kit) - 174kg, 383 lbs
The density of PVC - 900 + reinforced protection of the bottom of the cylinders
Max Outboard Power - 30 HP