Mounting Pad For Crabzz Accessories MG110

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The use of the MG110 PVC mounting pad allows you to install the lock and attachment of Crabzz accessories on the inflatable side of the boat, gluing it in any convenient place. The platform is strong and reliable, made of frost-resistant PVC and reinforced with a polyamide washer. The design has small dimensions, stylish design, looks neat on the surface of the boat. Recommended to be glued with two-component polyurethane adhesive. The set includes a stencil for neat glue application.


    • Brand ·  Crabzz
    • Model ·  MG110
    • Material ·  PVC
    • Mount type ·  Two-component polyurethane glue
    • Size (mm) ·  110x110x17
    • Overall weight (g) · 110 
    • Color · Black, White