Inflatable Motor Boat CRB BT-450S 14.8'

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CRB BT-450S motor boat with an inflatable keel and a rigid prefabricated flooring at the greatest length, due to the optimally adjusted proportions, has high controllability and maneuverability. Shows good speed with a motor up to 30hp. Movable seats facilitate optimal weight distribution and boat handling. A fender with a splash guard protects the sides from collision and excessive friction (against the berth support, reeds, etc.), and passengers and the cockpit from excessive splashing. Protective moldings on the bottom protect it from unnecessary friction when dragged ashore or transported on a trailer. The most spacious cockpit with a large capacity allows several fishermen to organize a mini-championship within the same boat. And everyone has enough room for action. The boat is very good for high-speed boat trips, even for 10 people. An awning can be installed on this boat. This boat is subject to state registration.


Grey, Blue, Green, Red


Inflatable boat 1

Sliding seats 3

Pump 1

Paddles 2

Repair kit 1

Packing bag 1

Operation manual 1

Small craft certificate 1



· Brand, model · CRB BT-450S 14.8'

· PVC · Mehler Valmex PVC Fabric (Germany) + 5 Year Warranty

· Length overall (m) · 14.8 ft

· Width overall (ft) · 5.9 ft

· Transom type · Stationary

· Overall weight (kg) · 50+32

· Floor type - Hard Deck

· Max. persons · 8