NEW 2022 Inflatable Boat Catamaran Pontoon Crabzz TM660 (FULL ACCESSORIES PACKAGE)

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Sea-grade Crabzz TM660 inflatable pontoon is our unique 2022 product. Enjoy your time on big lakes, explore fishing or just have a small boat party with this 65 cm (25.5 inch) diameter tube giant inflatable catamaran.   

660 cm (21.6ft) long, 256cm (8.5ft) wide. Super stable construction of the boat combined with an optimized water surface touch points allows having fun even with a smaller 9.9hp motor (optimal 15-20hp). With such a width, almost everything fits easily, which makes it a great choice for people who need space on the boat. Discover the complete fishing boat with seating for up to 12 people! The boat is easy to set up in 20-40 minutes by a few people and is perfect for family & friends recreation events, which require lots of space to place their equipment.


Model: TM660
Length overall - 660cm, 21.6'
Width overall - 256cm, 8.5'
Rigid flooring width - 129cm, 4.3'
Width inside - 225cm, 88"
Diameter of cylinders - 65cm, 25.5"
Loading capacity - 1490kg, 3285lbs
Passenger capacity - 12
Boat weight - 118kg, 260 lbs
Floor weight - 77kg, 169 lbs
The density of PVC - 1100 + reinforced protection of the bottom of the cylinders
Max Outboard Power - 30 HP


 What comes with the boat (Premium Package):

- Foldable boat inflatable tubes with oars and oarlocks (package 8ft x 2 ft x 1.5 ft - one big roll, 118kg)

- Floorboards for the main area and storage section  (package 4.5ft x 2.5 ft x 1.5 ft, 77kg - two bags)

- x4 foldable seats with back support 

- Bimini top covering you from that harsh UV and heat  (Canopy - 8kg)

- Plastic Table (3kg)

- Camping tent that you can assemble and install right on the boat (!)

- x2 rod holders, anchor roller and foot pump (7kg)

- Bow storage space with a waterproof zipper 

- x23 water removal drip-valves


TM Pontoons despite their size have excellent hydrodynamics and excellent technical and operational characteristics. Among their main advantages:

- Easy and fast assembly;
- High load capacity;
- Rigidity of a design and absolute safety;
- Excellent marine performance and seaworthiness - use this boat anywhere - large lake, sea or even ocean. 
- Comfort - huge interior space;
- Ability to live on the water for longer expeditions;
- Good handling on water and speed;
- Excellent stability, directional stability against the wave;
- Fantastic accessory kit that comes with the boat