Tiller Outboard Motor

Tiller Outboard Motor

Tiller outboard motor is a perfect solution for back-of-the-boat steering if you want to save some space on the boat and have better control.

In this post we'll talk about some of the most popular models of tiller outboard motors with built-in handles for the best experience. Learn everything you need to know about tiller outboards, from its definition and benefits to main operating principles and helpful tips.

What is a Tiller Outboard Motor?

A tiller outboard motor is one of the most common types of boat motors on the market and one of the oldest. It was invented with the boat powered by oars and boathooks that could be controlled through a handle mechanism called the tiller. That's why these motors are called tiller outboard motors, even though it has been over 100 years since anyone used oars to power their boats.

Tiller outboard motors are suitable for smaller boats, usually under 100 HP. You can adjust the tiller's angle with a few bolts to make it more comfortable to hold. Speed control is often integrated into the tiller handle and adjusted by twisting the throttle.

Outboard motor consists of a long shaft with a propeller and a tiller handle. The handle is connected to the rudder, which controls the boat's direction. Because the bow of your boat always goes opposite of what you are doing with the tiller, it may seem not very obvious at first.

How to operate the tiller outboard motor

Operating a tiller outboard motor is quite easy. There are basically four simple steps to start your journey with a tiller outboard, taking ePropulsion tiller as an example.

Place the kill switch in the proper position, usually on the left-hand side of the boat, to prevent accidentally starting the engine, then press and hold the "power" button for a couple of seconds. When you are ready - turn the throttle and start moving.

how to operate the tiller outboard motor

Some tiller outboard motor models can accommodate wheel steering or remote control if you wish, and the tiller is convenient to fold or remove.

Benefits of Tiller Outboard Motors

A tiller outboard motor is designed to make it easy for you to control your boat. The compact size means they take up less space and load on a boat than most other outboards. Tiller outboards also offer excellent fuel economy and are easy to operate.

Have decided to go for a tiller outboard motor and looking for reliable options?

We recommend taking a closer look at ePropulsion, ThrustMe, and TEMO electric outboard motors. Be sure to check their easy transportation and installation features, wheel steering and remote control compatibility, to make them suitable for a variety of applications.

Tips for the Best Use

  • Using the handle extension, you can always lengthen the tiller and adjust its length to your needs.
  • Remember that the bow of your boat will face the opposite direction from the turn of the tiller handle.

boat bow direction

  • Practice steering the boat from different sides of the motor, as depending on the terrain, you may be more comfortable on the right or left.
  • Try not to turn the tiller sharply, as this can cause the boat to lose speed or break it in the worst-case scenario.
  • Don't forget to attach your lanyard to yourself for your safety.


A tiller outboard motor is a light, comfortable, fuel-efficient motor operated with a handle instead of a wheel. Tillers are perfect for vessels, pontoons, and small fishing boats. Remember that the boat will turn opposite from a tiller position end, and the speed throttle is usually integrated into a tiller mechanism. When down for fishing - install the motor on your transom in a couple of steps and adjust the tiller handle to meet your best requirements. The assembly wouldn't take much of your energy, and the recreation on the water will remain on the land.