Introducing NEW Parsun joy 1.2kW Electric Outboard

Introducing NEW Parsun joy 1.2kW Electric Outboard

Welcoming the Parsun Joy 1.2 to Canadian Waters, Exclusively at Crabzz!

An exciting addition to our lineup. Introducing the Parsun Joy 1.2, that is set to redefine your experience on the water.

Gone are the days of ordinary outboard motors, a future of sustainable sailing, now conveniently accessible through Get ready to explore the heights of efficiency of electric motors with The Parsun Joy 1.2! It's your companion on your daily trips. Equipped with a colossal 1440Wh integrated lithium battery—the largest in its class—this motor leads in a new era of extended ranges. Battery recharge over 8 hours or opting for the swifter 2-hour recharge with the fast charger.

Rely on Smart Battery

The seas can be unpredictable, but your motor shouldn't be. The Parsun Joy 1.2 redefines durability. Its waterproof, floating battery design ensures reliability amidst the waves. And when the waters calm, its intelligent sleep mode minimizes battery loss, guaranteeing power when you need it most.

Seamless Control, Uninterrupted Exploration

Adventure is at your fingertips with the Parsun Joy 1.2's intuitive interface. A simple push ignites the journey, while a step-less throttle replacement allows you to navigate with precision. Your digital LCD module becomes your compass, providing a real-time display of your speed, power, and battery level. Safety takes the forefront with the magnetic emergency switch, empowering you to halt the journey instantly if the need arises.

Uncover More, Sail Beyond Limits

If curiosity beckons and you crave the finer details, set sail to our dedicated product page. Dive deep into the ocean of features and specifications that define the Parsun Joy 1.2. Are you ready to rewrite the narrative of your nautical journey?

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