Explore the Latest in Boating Technology at the Toronto International Boat Show 2023

Explore the Latest in Boating Technology at the Toronto International Boat Show 2023

Overview of the Toronto International Boat Show

One of North America’s top boating events, the Toronto International Boat Show, announces the highly awaited return to their in-person show to present recent product innovations, recreational boats and new boating accessories, and even more electric boats on January 20-29.

The Toronto Boat Show is the best place to catch on to the latest trends and innovations, to network with boat dealers and manufacturers directly, and to get your boating-related questions answered. For the first time since 2020, boaters and enthusiasts will be able to visit the Toronto Boat Show to get ready for the upcoming boating season.

Introducing Crabzz

Our team of boating experts invites you to stop by and discover our selection of eye-catching boats of all sizes and lifestyles - from fishing dinghies and pontoons to catamarans and inflatable boats. With more than 15 years on the market, quality and performance of the Crabzz boats meet all the high-grade requirements. Along with watercraft, we also offer various outboards, tents, seat pads, ladders, and other similar add-ons, which will make your experience on the water much more comfortable.

New Products from Crabzz at the Toronto International Boat Show 2023

This year, in addition to our traditional Boat Show products, we are introducing a whole new series of models to the Canadian market - all of which will be available to order in plenty of time for summer cruising!

Meet the Electricat - an adjustable and compact inflatable catamaran boat with solar power support. Perfect for a family cruise, it’s guaranteed to be the jewel of Toronto lakes. We are also introducing TEMO electroportable propulsion solutions and ThrustMe electric motors and outboards. Both TEMO and ThrustMe are suitable for inflatable boats and all sorts of dinghies, whilst bringing the innovative portable design and powerful propelling.

TEMO electroportable propulsion solutions ThrustMe electric motors

Come see the new Crabzz models and speak to our dealers at the Toronto Boat Show 2023. See the latest Crabzz gear and accessories and start making your memories out on the water!