Outboards – Jet Outboards

Outboard motors are an essential part of the Crabzz marine supply store. We have a fine selection of inflatable boat motors and larger fishing & power boat motors. The average horsepower ranges between 2 and 60 hp for most of the variety. If you require a more powerful model, please, inquire separately.

Crabzz motor shop has a unique partnership with Tohatsu Outboard Motors for our great selection of smaller models, which are compact and easy to transport and larger ones with great features like power tilt, multiple RPM functions, electric start and an option to have an internal or an external gas tank.

We also offer the full rigging and accessories needed for outboard motors like control boxes, fuel lines, gas tanks, propellers, cables and gauges. We strive to offer a holistic experience for our customers and cover all of the bases.

The easiest way to select the boat engine is to first confirm the horsepower needed for the vessel you have, whether it’s an upgrade or brand new unit for a fishing boat, it’s always good to double check the capacity and the max weight that the transom could hold. Then, you’d have to assess if you need a short shaft or a long shaft option. Additionally, it’s great to consider if an electric start and power tilt are needed.

When you’re settled with the outboard motor for sale, the next phase is to choose the right control mechanism - it might be a tiller handle or a side mount control box or even a binnacle control. If you don’t have a console, most likely you’d need a tiller handle. If you do have one, then based on how it looks like a side mount or a binnacle might be an option.

All products are covered with a manufacturer’s five year warranty. In order for it to be active, the customer has to service it at an official service centre, which fortunately for Tohatsu has a wide presence all around Canada and North America overall. We also recommend having some extra length to the control cables, at least 3-4 feet so that it wouldn’t wear out in a year or so.

If you have a heavier outboard boat motor you could also pick up a special dolly, so that carrying it around from the car to the vessel and back wouldn’t be such a hassle.

We also have electric and trolling motors for fishing needs or for smaller vessels that might be a great alternative to a big gas engine. As part of our selection we also offer covers for the outboard motors, which help transport them without a scratch. We’re constantly expanding our offering, so keep an eye on what’s posed and inquire if you have a specific item on your mind, that we haven’t yet posted.