Crabzz Inflatable Boat Materials & Construction

Crabzz Inflatable Boat Materials & Construction

CRB inflatable boats are very safe and affordable. CRB makes their inflatable boats of unique boat fabrics. CRB inflatable boats made of the materials supplied by renowned market leaders in innovations and quality – Mehler Technologies, Heytex, Wonpoong, Polytex. The density of the tube’s materials of CRB inflatable boats ranges from 800 to 1100 gr/m2. The thickness is determined individually for each model to ensure reliability, safety and seagoing performance without overweight being in place — the bottom of CRB inflatable boats made of 1100 g/sqm material.

The water-resistant plywood

It should note that an inflatable boat with plywood flooring is heavier than without it. The water-resistant plywood has no rival in terms of strength and durability. We use water-resistant, not moisture-proof plywood for the manufacture of CRB inflatable boats. Exterior layers are laminated. A textured film with anti-slip properties laminates the upper side of seats and floorings. The reverse side is smooth, preventing the bottom of the boat from being chafed by flooring. The edges of transoms, seats and floorings have bakelite protection from moisture.

“We take the selection of materials very seriously because we are customer-oriented and are liable to our clients. When you make your mind to buy the CRB inflatable boat, you can be confident that this boat is made of top-quality materials”.

These are the fundamentals for the research and development of CRB inflatable boats. When we elaborate an engineering design, we use the special software, which allows us to simulate the performance of the inflatable boat in different situations like it is in the case study. We choose the best versions of the design at this stage. Following the trials of inflatable boat prototypes, we make the final choice.

Raised pointed bow improves the performance.

Some CRB inflatable boats have an increased tube diameter than the standard diameter of vessels of other brands. That is the reason why CRB inflatable boats have better buoyancy and stability. According to international standards, the tubes of CRB boats have compartments. The number of rooms depends upon the model of a CRB boat. It ranges from 2 to 5, not counting an inflatable keel available in the keel motorboats. Cone-shaped partition-membrane ensures pressure balance inside of the compartments.

Transom fastening

The boats with the attached portable transom are fitted with the proven lacing-type fastening. The fastening position ensures the optimal arrangement of a motor, with the speed performance of a boat being unaltered. This principle is applied in CRB inflatable boats with the stationary transom whose angle is adjusted for the concrete model and depends on the horsepower of a motor and the type of the boat’s underside – a keel inflatable boat or a flatboat.

Protective moulding at the bottom

All CRB inflatable motorboats (both keel and flat-bottom ones) with the stationary transom rigged with such mouldings. These mouldings protect the boat’s underside when a raft is dragged onshore or transported. Moreover, they improve the steerability of an inflatable boat at cornering.

Fastening of the movable seats

CRB inflatable boats with movable seats have a leech rope consisting of the boat fabric tapes made of reinforced PVC. The leech rope is quite durable to be load resistant and is user-friendly in the packaging.

We use hot adhesion technology to gluing of seams and for the fastening of fittings (an adhesive sets hot.) Gluing and welding are applicable for seams of inflatable boat tubes.

Choose hot welding. It ensures a durable connection preserving the original properties of the material.

Design of the seam

The butt seam attached to the seaming tape is made of the boat fabric. The second tape is attached to the original seam (it is not necessary according to the standard, but it strengthens the joint making it more precise). The global practice shows that this design is the most durable.

The handcraft helps achieve the best quality

The manufacture of inflatable boats is certified by government authorities. The government inspected the quality of tubes at least four times.

The technologies mentioned above and an accurate selection of materials make it possible for you to get a reliable and comfortable CRB inflatable boat at an affordable price.